A newbie’s guide to launching highly scalable website with AWS

Scaling up web applications is hard, and there’s no silver bullet or one magical solution that works for everyone. Many of our customers start with our directory software on shared hosting and big part of them will never have to worry about scaling up. But some of you might be planning huge websites, and that’s […]


We’re closing our affiliate program!

We’re closing our affiliate program effective immediately. Currently we are looking for more direct and exclusive partnerships. All balances to our affiliates have been cleared. In case of any queries, please contact us.


Building a directory website from scratch in 8 minutes – video tutorial

Few days back, I wanted to launch a new sample directory to showcase Crowd Vox abilities. After some brainstorming I decided to create a cruise directory website. The reason I chose this out of ordinary segment was because I wanted to show you guys no matter what your concept of a directory website is, Crowd […]

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Frontend designer, new colour themes, PHP7 support and more…

We’re proud to bring you latest Crowd Vox 3.0 version and share with you all the things we’ve been working on. Every step we’re taking in Crowd Vox development is done to make things easy for all of our customers: be it design, new feature or an enhancement. And I think this version is perfect […]


See What’s Coming Next in Crowd Vox 3.0

In this blog post we’re revealing what’s coming soon in the next version of Crowd Vox.There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one we aimed for.In this version we are releasing 8 new color themes so you have unlimited design choices when you are creating […]


Crowd Vox 2.1.3 version released

After successful launch of Crowd Vox 2.1.2 version on 29th June which had support for mobile apps, we got a tremendous response for mobile apps.  Many features and bugs were reported by clients and we are working on launching lots of great features this fall. Please see the change log for 2.1.3 version below- Fix […]


An hour with SASS for better and faster designs

Being a programmer, I don’t know anything about design. But I cannot help but think of a perfect world where CSS is written as a program with logical steps and variables. And that’s where SASS comes in, and it over-delivers. You write a .sass file or .scss (depending on syntax preference) and it generates a […]


Hybrid mobile apps are back, baby!

Hybrid apps, again? Really? Some of you may not know but we launched hybrid mobile apps back in 2013 but the concept didn’t took off much. Mostly because of, well, performance issues. Hybrid apps sucked back then. So, again, few months back we relaunched the mobile apps, this time, native of course. Performance was great, […]


Why installing Crowd Vox on your Amazon EC2 might not be a good idea..

We often get clients who want to deploy Crowd Vox on EC2 from very first day. The main motivation behind this thought is infinite scalability. Although EC2 solves the scalability problem in a great way – but it does so at a cost, that is, literal cost in $$ to you. The problem with deploying […]


Crowd Vox doesn’t recommend GoDaddy

Okay, we had enough with GoDaddy.   We strictly advise our clients against using GoDaddy majorly because of overselling issue. GoDaddy has earned bad reputation ever since they started hosting service and we’re not at all alone to notice that.   Because they are overselling space on shared hosting, our customers constantly face memory timeout […]