9 profitable niches you don’t want to miss as a webmaster in 2016 to earn best returns on your efforts

Many of our customers at Crowd Vox are constantly hunting for the gem of opportunities which has low competition and high potential returns. So we decided to do some research of our own to see what will be hot in 2016, and we came up with this list. We think it will do wonders to […]


Google penalizing non-friendly mobile sites

Only 6 days left! Google has recently announced that it is going to update ranking algorithm by April 21 which specifically involves penalizing websites which are not mobile-friendly. If you are a Crowd Vox 2.0 user (or purchased after November 14, 2014), you can ignore this, but if you’re using Crowd Vox 1.x version, then […]


Events, Deals, Responsive design and multiple languages with Crowd Vox 2.0

This is a big day for our team here as we announce the launch of Crowd Vox 2.0 today. In last 4 years, Crowd Vox stood the test of time, served millions of pages to end-users, more than a thousand webmasters bought it, hundred others had it customized and a lot more are reaching out […]


Crowd Vox Connect is available for public

Our long awaited product Crowd Vox Connect is now online and is available for free. If you haven’t heard about this before, you might want to look at these slides. Please note that we are still in beta and we’ll be making constant changes moving forward. Any feedback will be appreciated.


Crowd Vox on your existing website?

There’s a new tool we’re working on. A picture is worth a thousand words – so take a look at this 28 slide (~ 2 minutes) presentation (definitely beats writing 28000 words): Comments / Suggestions? We’d love to hear.


Crowd Vox 1.1: Paid listings, video uploads, forum integration and more…

Today we are announcing the release of Crowd Vox 1.1. This has been the biggest release so far which took us more than 2 months of development, although we started with a very little list initially. So we are sorry for not being able to give you proper timeline on the release. We ourselves had […]


Crowd Vox requires your input on sponsorship possibilities

We’re exploring the possibility of speeding development of new features by joining hands with community. Follow this thread for more details. Comments are disabled for this post, please post your comment on that thread only.


Google Rich Snippets

Google tries to present users with the most useful and informative search results. The more information a search result snippet can provide, the easier it is for users to decide whether that page is relevant to their search. With rich snippets, webmasters with sites containing structured content-such as review sites or business listings-can label their […]


Andrew Mills:

I had been searching for a flexible and solid review script for well over a year and even contemplated getting a custom script built. Luckily I stumble on CrowdVox and when I did it took all of 30 seconds to decide and buy the script! I am glad I did as the script is easy […]


Content Aggregation: How do we do it?

Its a bit of discovery for me that so many people who wanted to use our review script are also interested in some kind of a reviews/listings aggregation from other sites so that they can build a useful database of a specific niche. What is Content aggregation anyway and what it means for Crowd Vox? […]