Crowd Vox 2.1.3 version released

After successful launch of Crowd Vox 2.1.2 version on 29th June which had support for mobile apps, we got a tremendous response for mobile apps.  Many features and bugs were reported by clients and we are working on launching lots of great features this fall. Please see the change log for 2.1.3 version below-

Fix – Unpublished/delete deals and events when associated listing is unpublished/deleted.
Added fix for category name issue for apps
Added localization method for title of tabs in module.
Fixes -Login failed message not being translated and activation email not sent.
Added missing entries for localization
Fix-  “no edit link displayed” to poster even “Allow poster to edit his listing” is checked in modern theme.
Fix -Issue with events loading on app
Applied paid listing restrictions on listing images API for app
Applied paid listing restrictions on listing fields API for app
Fix- Admin himself is shown as comment poster when viewing an event on admin panel
Fix- When a listing is deleted which has associated paid listing plan then admin order index page shows “Undefined offset” notice.
Fix- Incorrect  URL generated in case of sub directory installation for deal coupon.
Fix- Warning on review add when user tries to review his own listing
Fix- Added code to display custom fields on review element for modern theme
Enhancement- Business theme navigation related changes
Fix- Missing Controller error shown when opted to read review
Fix- Map issue with country field
Fix- Changes in listing API to hide custom fields without any data
Fix-  Do not execute listing deal cron job task for starter package users.

If you are already using 2.1.2 version then you can upgrade to 2.1.3 version by applying the patch we have released which only contains files changed between these versions. You can download patch from Client Area. Don’t forget to take a backup of your existing files before you apply patch.

If you have made any customizations in the files mentioned in changelog.txt included in patch then please make sure to manually compare your existing file with new file. We highly recommend using Winmerge for this.

Thank you for using Crowd Vox and helping us in being the best directory software.