Crowd Vox doesn’t recommend GoDaddy

Okay, we had enough with GoDaddy.


We strictly advise our clients against using GoDaddy majorly because of overselling issue. GoDaddy has earned bad reputation ever since they started hosting service and we’re not at all alone to notice that.


Because they are overselling space on shared hosting, our customers constantly face memory timeout and other random errors. Starting today we won’t be supporting GoDaddy hosting because it’s not just sustainable for us to fine-tune our code based on guesses.


Our customers have been having problems with them since years now and they have made clear that they don’t give a damn.


To put the situation more visually, if GoDaddy was a train – this is what it would look like:



If it was a ship:





How about this: If I analyze response from their support into a pie chat:





So we’re doing what we should have done a long time ago – kicking GoDaddy out from our support circle, because we want our client to focus on business instead of hosting issues.





Let me be clear, We’ll still offer support to our existing clients who are hosted at GoDaddy. However just a suggestion: if you’re growing – you don’t want to be there.