Track your site daily visitor count from dashboard along with various metrics like listing counts, review counts, comments counts, users counts, revenue, number of orders etc. to track your website’s success.


With the module manager, you get the complete flexibility of displaying any content any where across the website. Need to display a specific group of ads at specific categories? Need to insert custom HTML at right sidebar of homepage? Easy!

Multiple Star Rating

Define your own rating fields along with their weight. You can define any number of such fields and have them associated with specific listing types. Weight option allows you to stress more on specific parameters for calculating scores of listings.

Custom Fields

Specify your custom fields for listings, reviews as per category or nature of the content. Customize user registration and profile fields. Create field groups to reuse across multiple listing types. Specify field properties like searchable, editable and more.


Display Google maps on listing pages for businesses. Insert Google map as module with specific content anywhere on website. Set you own criteria for which listings to show on the map. Customize map pointers as per category.


Run your very own groupon-style deal engine alongside your website. You can publish & sell deals with automatic voucher/coupon generation for end users. Apart from that, you can make money by selling business owners membership to publish deals in your directory or offer it for free.

Paid listings

Charge your visitors for upgrading or submitting the listings. Create different plans with custom restrictions like number of images allowed to upload, specific fields to allow for entry, etc. Earn passive income. Set-it and forget-it with payment auto-reminders.


Publish upcoming events for listings, have business owners ability to add events related to their businesses. With paid listing feature, make money by selling business owners membership to publish events in your directory or offer it for free.

Mobile App Framework

Give your website a cutting edge of mobile app. Launch your privately owned iPhone app or Android app for your Crowd Vox webiste with our mobile development framework. Publish your app on marketplace and earn money for every download.

Other Features

Ad Rotation

Place random ads on any page of your choice or through out the website.

N- level Categories

You create unlimited categories and sub-categories for your website.

Static Page Manager

You can edit content of your static pages from panel easily.

Customize Outgoing Emails

Admin can customize all outgoing email from admin panel.

Multiple Theme Support

Crowdvox supports multiple themes. Admin can switch themes easily from admin.

Content Sharing

Users can share listings with their friends or on more than 50 social media websites.

Private Messaging system for users

Users can communicate with each other through a private messaging system.

Favorite Listings

You can have favorite listings and get notifications by email related to activity on that listing.

Auto-suggest Search

Show auto-complete options to users while performing search.

Location Search

Users can search listings/businesses in a near-by area or a specific city or suburb.


Users can upload videos with listing or a review optionally. (requires FFMPEG)

URL Masking

Hide visible URL for a listings. A must-have feature for affiliation based sites.

Simple Machine Forum Integration

Integrate Crowd Vox with Simple Machine forums in no-time to offer your users a place for discussion.

Review Comments

Allow users to comment on reviews.

Comments on reviews and photos

User can post comments on reviews and also on photos by uploaded by users.

Voting of reviews

You can give positive rating to reviews they like and negative which they doesn’t like.

Bad words Filter

Admin can specify the list of abusive words which should not displayed on website.

Compare Listings

Let your visitors compare various listings altogether. See more details at compare listings feature page.

Internationalization Support

Run Crowd Vox in language of your choice. See more details at Internationalization support page.

Google Rich Snippets Support

Rich Snippets give users convenient summary information about their search results at a glance. See more details at Rich Snippets page.

Dynamic Pages

Dynamic pages allow you to create pages per parameter/field value.. See more details at Dynamic Pages page.


Stay connected with your users with regular bulk emails.

Claim listings

Allow business owners to claim ownership on their listings to edit, upload photos etc.

Review gallery

Allow users to upload photos while adding reviews. Automatically create gallery from user uploaded images.

Invite Friends

Visitors can invite their friends via email with easy to use form.

Editorial reviews

Have special members or editors to post reviews, editorial reviews appears on top of user reviews.

Bulk Import

Bulk import listings from your existing website or database, along with images in no-time.

SEO features

Take advantage of fully Search engine optimized URLs. Define homepage’s meta information from backend, define custom keywords/titles/description for listing pages. Enable google rich snippets to let Google bot collect more information from your website

Multi Lingual Support

Run Crowd Vox in as many languages. You users can switch langauge using our language switcher.