Frontend designer, new colour themes, PHP7 support and more…

We’re proud to bring you latest Crowd Vox 3.0 version and share with you all the things we’ve been working on. Every step we’re taking in Crowd Vox development is done to make things easy for all of our customers: be it design, new feature or an enhancement. And I think this version is perfect example of that, as it brings a lot of speed, and agility to your website.

Frontend Designer

One of the best additions and my personal favourite feature in this version is theme customizer or frontend designer. This feature lets you customize your website design on fly – from the frontend itself.

You’re definitely going to save at least 50-60% of time in developing a custom design using this tool.

You can customize colors, layout types, header design, backgrounds, fonts etc. with the click of a button. No CSS/HTML editing required.

New colour themes

We’ve produced 8 high quality colour schemes which are available under theme customizer settings. You can select a colour scheme that suites your website and even customize it later with CSS or SASS.

Customizable hierarchical locations

Your directory website should be strategically designed and your software shouldn’t dictate your business decision. Our new flexible location feature is a perfect example of highly customizable and flexible solution for location-based directory sites.

Now you can have flexible hierarchy for locations on your website.



You can have 1-to-4-level hierarchy on locations. With this feature you can build directories for world, your city, country, district or province etc.

New Admin panel

We’ve also redesigned whole admin panel for more productivity and efficiency while also making it more beautiful.

Separate homepages for locations

Serving custom tailored content for users goes long-way when building new generation websites. With Crowd Vox it is possible to have separate pages for different locations. This helps delivering content your users are actually interested in.

While this is not a new feature, it is completely redesigned to improve performance and agility.

PHP7 Support

With the latest release of PHP7, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in speed of the whole Crowd Vox application. PHP7 is claimed to be as fast as 80% than its older variants. Apart from that PHP 5.6 will be EOL’d by the end of 2016. So this is one obvious step to take in right direction.

Better UX

  • Several pages improved / revamped
  • Icons added on many pages with Font awesome library support
  • Up-to-date with latest design trends.

Social Media exposure for businesses

Now business can enter their social media info at the time of listing their businesses. You as a website owner can also charge businesses to do so (with paid listings plugin).

Recent Activity plugin

Social updates is now a key feature for many websites, it helps your visitors know that website is live and real people use it. For a website owner, this is a big thing. We’ve released the recent activity plugin so your website look and feel alive to everyone, and people should want to engage with it. This is available as a premium plugin here.

Other features

  • SASS based styling (optional)
  • Moderation on image upload
  • Up-to-date with latest software stack (Ubuntu 16 & other linux variants, PHP7, MySQL 5.7 compatible)
  • Faster and more scalable