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* applicable on starter and pro licenses, money-back guarantee applicable for 15 days after date of purchase

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Go for enterprise package to save money. Eg: Running 3 domains with pro licenses cost $1500 ($500 each), however with enterprise package, it costs only $1000+ $99 (additional domain) + $99 = $1198. you save $302, and get extra goodies like priority support and source code included.


To understand the most appropriate plan for you get in touch with our professionals now, and we’ll help you with it.

Pricing FAQs

Can I upgrade from starter to pro to enterprise license later?
Yes, you can upgrade to any higher license anytime by paying the difference.
Do you provide any money back guarantee?
Yes, we do provide 15 days money back guarantee on starter and pro licenses.
I want to buy enterprise license but I am unsure without money back guarantee?
In that case, we simply ask you to purchase pro package first, try it, and if it fits your needs, then you can go on and upgrade to enterprise license.
What are server requirements to run Crowd Vox?
Server requirements to run Crowd Vox are :
MySQL (version 4 or above)
PHP (version 5.6 or above)
IonCube Loaders
Apache mod_rewrite Enabled
Support for cron jobs
PHP Safe mode off
MySQL Strict mode turned off
FFMPEG (optional, only required if you have videos enabled)
My domain name is not decided yet or might change later, can I still buy Crowd Vox?
Yes, you can buy Crowd Vox and change your domain name anytime you want, we do not lock your license with a fixed domain.
What exactly is meant by semi-encrypted and 99.9% unencrypted?
With semi-encrypted code base, you will get the code with encrypted core functionality, but you can still edit the all the design freely. You can even add new features and some customizations.
The enterprise package with 99.9% unencrypted code base, you will get almost full PHP source code which you’ll ever need to edit. Only 3 files related to licensing will be encrypted. In short, this package offers highest degree of freedom in development and customization and is more suited for:

projects involving significant customizations
you are interested in receiving life-time free updates
you have several websites where you plan to use Crowd Vox

If you are looking for fully unencrypted package, please contact us for quote.

Do you provide any discount if I want to buy multiple licenses?
Yes, we do provide discount on multiple license, you can contact us to inquire further.
What is the difference between normal and priority support?
In priority support, we deliver faster bug fixes directly on your server, all reasonable issues are fixed within 24 hours, and we provide you extensive assistance in customizing. In normal support, support queries are answered within 24 hours, but some bug fixes might take more time.