Tons of configurations

You can turn on/off various features as per your requirements. Here are some of the configurations you can customize:

1. Enable/Disable HTML editor
2. Enable/Disable editor reviews
3. Enable/Disable tags
4. Enable/Disable breadcrumb
5. Allow comments on gallery
6. Allow guest comments on gallery
7. Moderate gallery comments
8. Send a activation email to user on registration
9. Upload custom logo
10. Upload custom favicon.ico


1. Allow guest to upload photos on listings
2. Disable listing RSS feed
3. Enable moderation
4. Notify when new listing is added
5. Listing image required on listing submission
6. Customize View (Blog view / Table view)
7. Listings per page limit (max. limit 100)


1. Allow guest to write review on listings
2. Allow comments on review
3. Allow guest to write comment on reviews
4. Use moderation on comments
5. Stop users from reviewing their own listings
6. Allow users to modify their reviews
7. Check IP addresses of reviewers
8. Moderate new editor reviews
9. Moderate edited editor reviews
10. Moderate new user reviews
11. Moderate edited user reviews
12. Reviews per page limit (max. limit 100)
13. Notify when new review is added
14. Customize View (Blog view / Table view)


1. Enable email verification for newsletter signup
2. Specify bad words filter for user submitted content