Why installing Crowd Vox on your Amazon EC2 might not be a good idea..

We often get clients who want to deploy Crowd Vox on EC2 from very first day. The main motivation behind this thought is infinite scalability.

Although EC2 solves the scalability problem in a great way – but it does so at a cost, that is, literal cost in $$ to you.

The problem with deploying on EC2 is you don’t know what you’ll be charged by the end of month. Sure you can get an idea calculating no. of hours x $ / hr of your machine cost.

But that doesn’t end there – EC2 charges you extra for IO requests. If you do not know what that is, simply put, it is the input-output processing your VM will generate.

So for a high traffic website, this might be a really bad idea to initially get started with EC2.

What to do instead when you need a scalable environment?

Opt for a service like DigitalOcean which offers same scalability but will not exceed the fixed cost per month.

That doesn’t mean EC2 is not an option for you – if you are fixated on EC2, then look into their Spot instances. They’ll save you up to 80-90% of the costs upfront. That being said, you’ll need to commit about the usage upfront and a few more things.

Want to deploy on DigitalOcean or EC2? Contact us to get best practices to keep the running costs while having scalability.